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Introducing 28-Day Cleanse Program

The great thing about this 28-day cleansing program is that it is easy to follow. It does not require you to participate in long fasting periods or a pure liquid diet, which we know can be hard to sustain for many people.

This cleanse is a lifestyle program which takes a gentle approach to making lasting changes to your health. Your 28-Day Cleanse will detoxify your body, boost energy levels, improve mood and help you lose a few extra pounds. You will feel comfortable and happy in your body again.*

The program is broken up into 4 weeks, each with its own simple to follow daily schedule. The daily schedule includes guidelines on what types of food to include and avoid during your daily meals and gives instruction on how, when (and why) to take Body Awakening’s supplements throughout the day (both in tablet and powder form). The 28-Day Cleanse is designed to shift you towards a healthier more balanced diet and lifestyle while utilizing whole foods and food-based supplements. The manual includes a recipe section and provides you with tips and tools to promote healthy detoxification and kickstart a new and improved you.

Included in the program

Green Food Powder
Laxative Tea
Herbal Tea
Flax Seeds
Cleansing & Detox Kit

(optional – not included in the kit)


(not included in the kit)


(not included in the kit)

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