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Pregnancy is a time of increased nutrient needs for both you and your baby. It is necessary to obtain optimum nutrition during pregnancy because your baby’s development is dependent on it and because it is easy for you to become deficient as your body supports two lives – your own and the one growing inside you. This bundle of products is recommended to be taken daily,

This bundle includes:


Taking MagC during pregnancy helps the mother-to-be with muscle cramps at night, which is more often than not a result of a magnesium deficiency. The calcium and magnesium needs of the woman increase during pregnancy because she needs to supply the baby with minerals needed to build bones. MagC can also support the mom-to-be with more restful sleep. MagC is a balanced calcium and magnesium supplement drink with vitamin C. MagC is easily absorbed by the body due to its 2:1 ratio of calcium gluconate and magnesium carbonate. Vitamin C is added to create the ideal pH balance to enhance absorp- tion by the body. The product has a natural mild lemon flavour. MADE FROM: Vitamin C (as ascorbic & citric acid), Calcium (as gluconate), Magnesium (as carbonate).


Taking probiotics is important for the mother-to-be because she will pass along her own microbiome (healthy bacteria living in the GI tract) to her baby during the birthing process and also during breastfeeding. Probiotics help create the internal environment needed to help the baby establish its own gut flora and immune system. Probiotic+ can also help improve constipation that many woman experience during pregnancy. Probiotic+ is a tasty high potency probiotic powder. Probiotic+ is bio-fermented with 25 billion probiotics per serving. Enjoy it straight off the spoon or mixed into a glass of water or morning juice. (Product does not need to be refrigerated). MADE FROM: Each 2g teaspoon contains: 300 mg fresh wild plum, 200mg organic manuka honey, 8 billion cfu rhamno- sus, 15 billion cfu L. acidophilus, 2 billion cfu bifido bacterium. Certified Organic Ingredients. Made in Australia.


TrueGreens helps to keep the digestive system working and provides the mother-to-be with extra vitamins, minerals and antioxidants as well as supporting her liver the it’s detoxification duties. TrueGreens also contains extra probiotics and is also useful for constipation TrueGreens is a green-food powder made from bio-fermented whole superfoods and probiotics. TrueGreens is ideal to mix into water or juice in the morning or afternoons. MADE FROM: Mung beans, Spirulina (12%), Chlorella (12%), Alfalfa powder (12%), Wheatgrass leaf powder (12%), Vegetable sweetener (carrot & beet- root) (2%), and 10 billion Probiotics per serving. Certified Organic Ingredients. Made in Australia.


Vitamin C is needed for the production of collagen in the developing baby. It also provides the mother with antioxidant support and helping keep the immune system strong. Healthy collagen production in the mother-to-be can also be helpful for protecting against stretch marks. VC is a premium grade ascorbic acid and natural reship extract blend. VC is high in antioxidants, bioflavonoids and is free from artificial preservatives and colourings. VC is manufactured in a GMP certified facility adhering to the highest medical manufacturing standards and practices. MADE FROM: 1000mg of ascorbit acid and 33mg of natural rosehip extract per tablet.


Omega3 is absolutely essential for pregnancy and breastfeeding. The mother-to-be supplies the growing baby inside of her with DHA (from fish oil) which is required for the development of the nervous system, brain, and the retina of the eyes in the baby. Due to the importance of Omega3 to the growing baby, it is very easy for the pregnant mother-to-be to become deficient herself as her baby siphons off what it needs. OmegaMe is rich in Omega3. It is made from premium grade Krill from Antarctic waters. Each batch of Krill harvested for OmegaMe has exact GPS coordinates of where the Krill were caught. Krill are an excellent source of Omega 3 essential fatty acids and also contains an important antioxidant called Astaxanthin. MADE FROM: Krill oil. Capsule made from gelatine and glycerine Made in England.

About our product bundles in general:
Body Awakening’s product bundles are a way of providing people with additional nutrient support in an affordable way. Are supplements necessary if you eat a super healthy diet? Yes, we believe they are. Why? Simply because life in general has become much more stressful than it once were. Stress eats up nutrients in the body and disrupts gut flora. Also, its important to remember that the food we eat no longer contains the nutritional makeup it once did. Our soil is depleted of minerals and our food often travels for weeks before it arrives on our plates, further depleting the nutritional content. Unfortunately our world has become more toxic than what our ancestors had to contend with, which is why we believe it is important to strengthen and support our body as it works hard to process external sources of toxins and provide us with everything we need to keep going.

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