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PRIME, is the newest product from Body Awakening, with a combination of Camellia Sinensis (Green Tea Extract), Acetyl L-Carnitine, and lactobacillus to create a complete antioxidant and energy boost supplement in powder form. It was designed to be a boost for the body helping it function at its highest capacity by increasing energy and endurance. All while keeping us young and protecting our body against oxidative damage and premature aging. PRIME is also a wonderful addition to any healthy weight loss program.


Energy booster
With many of us leading busy lives – and in need for that little extra boost from time to time – it is important to find ways of increasing energy from natural sources that don’t contain sugar or other additives. Green tea extract provides a natural energy boost without the ups and downs most people experience when drinking coffee or eating chocolate and/or sugar. In addition to the Green Tea Extract, PRIME also contains an amino acid called Acetyl L-carnitine. This amino acid is needed to transform fatty acids into energy for use by our muscles. Acetyl-L-carnitine improves our exercise capabilities and increases endurance.

Antioxidants Cancer Prevention & Cardiovascular Health
Antioxidant support is essential for our body because highly reactive free radicals have the ability to damage our cells and age our body. Oxidative damage occurs when we are exposed to pollution and cigarette smoke, over-exercise, eat fried foods, and experience sun damage. Free radicals and the damage they cause also plays a role in inflammation in the body and is a cause of heart disease.
Green tea extract is known for containing antioxidants. However, in addition to antioxidants, green tea extract also contains flavonoids which provide substantial protection against cancer. Flavonoids have the potential to modulate cell-signaling pathways that promote the transformation of healthy cells to cancerous cells. Green tea and its extracts also provide protection against heart disease. Regular consumption of green tea and green tea extracts are associated with decreased LDL-cholesterol, decreased triglycerides and increased HDL-cholesterol levels.

Weight Loss
Green tea extract gently increases our metabolisms while Acetyl-L-carnitine uses fatty acids for energy. This energy source helps us to burn fat! PRIME also naturally helps to curb appetite providing you with sustained energy and the ability to choose better foods and eat less.

Digestion and Elimination
By now you all probably know our love of probiotics because of their ability to aid digestion, absorption, and elimination, as well as, being an integral part of our immune system. So we’ve included a dose of these wonderful microorganisms in our PRIME product. PRIME contains 3 billion CFU of Lactobacillus, which is one of the most important probiotics found in the human intestinal tract.

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  1. 5 out of 5

    I like Prime very much. The caffeine in the green tea gives me the energy boost I need to push through the exercise to get the maximum effort out of it. Unlike coffee, Prime is very gentle on the stomach and it’s effects wear off quicker so I don’t feel unnecessary buzzed up for the rest of the day. I’ve quit supplements that contain caffeine and switched to green tea supplements only.

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